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Monday, April 10, 2006


Dear Misandrist,

I am ashamed to say that I permitted a really bad man to break my (foolish) heart not long ago. Here's a long story short:

I left my husband and met a man online. Let's call this new man...Doug. We dated for several months and had lots of sex. (Yeah, that was basically the relationship, hanging out and having sex, but hey...we both work and have kids. Life under these circumstances doesn't always allow for tons of excitement.) Anyway, as I said, we each had a kid (or kids) from our prior relationships. We mostly kept them separate from our dating. I was crazy for the guy. He was less crazy about me. After six or so months, I began to get "that feeling" that he was distancing himself. Turns out he placed an ad on Craigslist and I came across it. (What can I say...I had a feeling and searched the damn site! Turned out my feeling, my instincts, were right!) I posted his Craigslist ad on my blog and publicly blasted him as the bastard he was (and still is). About a month after I dumped his sorry ass, I discovered that I was pregnant. A week later, he emails me, because he is too much of a coward to tell me in peson that he just tested positive for chlymidia. Nice. Well as it turns out, I tested negative for the goddamned STD and began miscarrying. All's well that ends well...I guess.

Anyhoo...I've put tons of distance between me and Doug (whom I also lovingly refer to as "gutter-slime-dog-crap-puke-chunk") and have met the most amazing man! Just goes to show you...every cloud has a silver lining! (Or something like that!)

A. Meredith

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Philogynist

Shame, shame, shame on my misandristic self. Some wonderful philogynist took the time out of his day to try and make the world a better place by sending me the following e-mail:

Dear Misandrist,

I have just learned of the term misandry, through researching the
man-hating equivalent of misogyny. I used to consider myself a
feminist, and probably even a misandrist, to some degree, not anymore.
I am a 25 year old man. I realize that men have driven you, and
other women who share your views, to misandry, but you can't fight
fire with fire. This will only make the fire bigger. And it has,
gender hate has become an epidemic. The only way to combat hatred, is
with love. Not all men are the hateful, angry, bigoted, sex-crazed,
inept, proto-humans you think they are. Some of us are making serious
attempts to be better men, but I have noticed that the culture climate
between the sexes lately has become so hostile, that I have found
myself thinking misogynistic thoughts. This is not who I want to be,
but now the roles have reversed, and I am the one being pushed. I
refuse to fight back with hate though, I fight those thoughts, and I
replace them with philogynistic thoughts. I suggest, if you would
like to make the world a better place, that you do the same, and stop
spreading discriminatory propaganda. Everyone has the power to change
the world, but you must first start by changing yourself.

The Philogynist

Amen & Godbless

(He should try a penis, he might like it.)

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Never Fear, The Misandrist Is Here

Has a man ever broken your heart or ruined your life? Have you ever witnessed a man humiliate himself in such a manner as to make it questionable whether or not men are sentient beings? Do you question whether or not men (sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, grandfathers, dates, strangers on the street) are capable of feeling anything other than mirth, anger or jealousy? If you’re female and you’re alive, chances are the answer is “yes.”

The Misandrist would like you to send your stories to her. Send her your worst. Each day she’ll post a new story submitted by a different woman. Include the story itself, how it affected you, and how you may have dealt with it or recovered from it or gotten revenge. You may also include a signature such as your real name, ‘anonymous,” your blog name, or any other way you wish to be identified.

Also, send her questions on how to deal with cheating partners, liars, predators, etc. She can advise you on whether or not he’s playing games with you, whether or not it’s time to suffocate him in his sleep, or divorce him and take him to the cleaners.

E-mail your submissions and inquiries to The Misandrist at

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Saturday, January 07, 2006


I would like to preface this tale by saying how ashamed I am that it
even happened at all. But when one is lonely and horny..well, the
asshats can sneak in under the radar.

It was the fall of 2003. I had been blogging for a few months and had
met some interesting characters. One in particular, whom I will call Mr.
GWN, was one of them. I had seen his comments on other blogs and had
eventually wandered over to his blog and left some comments of my own.
He had posted some photos from a trip to Massachusetts (family thing)
and he was in a couple of shots. Not bad-looking, if a little chubby.
We posted coy comments back and forth and finally, on the day my divorce
became final in early September, he e-mailed me. (In retrospect, I
think he planned the whole thing, but maybe that's just me being bitter)

We e-mailed quite a lot, then moved on to IM. Our first IM lasted six
hours. Subsequent IMs lasted almost as long and got more and more
sexually provocative. I wouldn't cyber with him, although the attraction,
which Mr. GWN assured me was quite mutual, was very powerful. On the
night I finally gave in and cybered with him (and it was GREAT!) he told
me he had to get off the computer because he was going away for the
weekend. Now, I knew he was dating someone, he was actually very honest
about this (he said they were dating but not exclusive, which was fine
with me, especially since we were not living in the same place) but this
bugged me, since we had just cybered and he hadn't brought it up
earlier. I said whatever and he left. It should have been a serious red

Anyway, we carried on a cyber affair until late November, then all of a
sudden, no communication. He basically dropped off the earth. I
finally e-mailed him and he apologized for the "distance" and that "it had
nothing to do with me". Uh huh, ok. The rest of the month passes with
no further word. In January, he explained that things with his
not-serious SO had "taken a sudden swing upward" and now she wanted to be
serious, so we had to "ratchet things down a bit". I got rather pissed, as
he should have told me this a month earlier instead of leaving me
hanging. I told him I didn't appreciate being used and that he could just
fuck off.

Unfortunately, despite his assholitry, I was still deeply, hopelessly
attracted to him. We made up in March 2004 and decided to be "friends".
That lasted about a month and we parted ways again.

I wish I could say that was the end, but..

In October 2004, I noticed that my blog had been linked from his. I
went over to his site to see what was up, and saw that he written some
longwinded post about something-or-other, and in the middle of it, he had
thanked me for a gift (it was a CD, nothing big) I had sent him 10
months earlier. Intrigued, I e-mailed him and asked him why he had done
that, as he had thanked me for it privately at the time. He said it was
"long overdue" and it seemed like he wanted to really try to be

So we tried the friends thing again for a short while. It seemed ok,
and I even tried to help him with a blog issue one night. I was really
busy, but I did it anyway. He eventually got the problem resolved and
sent me an e-mail the next day to "keep me updated". He didn't even
bother thanking me for my time and my attempt to assist. I wrote to him
and told him I was a bit hurt about that, and then he linked to me in his
post (about why his blog was offline for a while), but the way it was
worded, it was like an afterthought. I was thinking, "what a rude,
stupid sonofabitch".

He was working a lot and kept disappearing for long stretches of time.
One time, he sent me a very snotty e-mail that explained he had "bills
that needed to be paid" which required him to work and that in turn
kept him from "chatting with everyone that he would like to" in a given
week. That really peeved me, especially since I saw on his Yahoo profile
he was often on IM until the wee hours of the morning, but appeared
offline on my friend list. The fucker was stealthing me, you see. When I
called him on it, he told me to "not take it so personally". I told
him to eat shit and die, then went to my community blog and wrote a nasty
post about him, with his name and everything. The last sentence was
"grab that shit, Google".

I eventually apologized for making those comments public (it was a lame
thing to do, and I deleted them) but I did remind him of the
not-so-cool things he had done to me and I asked him where my apology was. He
wrote back telling me that I "could say what I wanted about him" but "at
least he had NEVER posted anything about me on his blog" and that
"whenever he was pissed at me, he kept it to himself" (which I found out
later was nowhere near the truth). He said he accepted my apology, but if
I could "act as if he doesn't exist, that would really work for him".
That was mid-December 2004. We haven't spoken since.

Fast-forward to February 2005..remember how he said he accepted my
apology for my public comments? Heh! Two months later, he e-mailed Psycho
Slag Troll Bitch (another saga in itself) and told her how much he was
enjoying her "public eviscerations" of me, and the only reason he
wasn't participating was because he "didn't want that wolverine on his tail
again". Oh yes, and he made a point of how much trouble that "creature"
had put him through and he couldn't even begin to imagine what I had
done to others.

You earned it, asshat! Consider my apology officially retracted.


Submitted by Anonymous

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Texas Bastard

I met CellphoneTech via a dating site in 2004. He took my breath away almost instantly. He wasn't horribly tall but he was taller than me. I think he was about 5'10 with dark hair, green eyes, goatee and forearms to die for. One of the biggest problems is that he lived in Texas and I live in Florida. He had talked of moving to Florida so it wasn't going to be an issue. If it would have came down to it, I would have moved to where he was. I had wondered how serious he was because he had two children from a previous marriage and I had a hard time imagining him leaving his two small children to move to Florida, as they were his world. As it was he didn't get to see his children much because he was traveling all the time and this weekend he was going to spend it with me and not his children.

We talked every day for several months. We never ran out of things to say. We exchanged numerous pictures (all recent), we got on the cam together so we could see each other. We would talk on the phone at the same time that we were on cam just so we could feel like we were with each other. We talked of the future. We talked of our pasts and the things that we were afraid of. He was perfect or so I thought.

I had to travel to Texas for work but the schedule was left pretty much up to me so after talking with CellPhoneTech, we decided that I would stay an extra couple of days to spend New Year's weekend with him. I had a hotel already and he could drive up and spend the weekend with me.

The time comes and he gets to the hotel early on the night before New Year's Eve. I am a nervous wreck but I go outside to bring him in and he was a bit thinner than I expected but it didn't matter, he was still perfect and still very very sexy. We went up to my room and it was if we had known each other for years. The conversation came easily. We made love and talked some more. It was perfect. During the time we were together he was asking for reassurance from me that everything was ok. Everything was wonderful and I told him so. We decided to go out and shoot a few games of pool that evening and then the wagers started. The wagers (made by him) were the loser had to feed the other breakfast in the morning, the loser had to run a bath for the other and bathe them and the loser had to give the other a full body massage. I was game! I lost all the games! Darn, but I didn't really see a loser in any of the wagers. After that, we went back to the hotel and he pretty much passed out. He had worked all day and then drove 4 hours to see me so I wasn't upset.

Friday morning I had to go into the office for about 30 minutes so I showered and got ready and he kissed me, then kissed me again and said I better go or else he is going to drag me back in bed. I told him I would be back shortly. I was back within 45 minutes and had a strange feeling coming back to the hotel...I had a knot in my stomach. I get back and I didn't see his truck. Please, just let him be out getting coffee. I get up to the room and all of his stuff is gone. Everything. I go over to the desk where my laptop was and there was a note.

The note said that he understood if I hated him and that he deserved it. He felt guilty about not spending time with his kids while he had the chance and it was eating him up so he went back home to spend the time with his kids. It was signed, Love XXXXX.

I tried calling him, no answer. I left a few messages. Several hours later he called me back and I told him that I understood but he could have at least stuck around for me to say goodbye. He told me he was afraid of confrontation. I told him there wouldn't have been one and he should have known me well enough to know that. He also told me that if he would have stuck around and saw my tears that he wouldn't be able to handle it. He said he cried all the way home.

I spent New Year's Eve alone last year in a hotel in a strange town where I was supposed to be spending it with the man I was crazy about. I believe the kids were an excuse and I scared him....maybe not I, but the thought of me scared him.

After that visit, the calls slowly dwindled down to nothing to the point of him not returning my calls and then he would call me out of the blue on occassion to just talk.

He broke my heart.

Submitted by Sky

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Real Life Horror Stories

Come back to read real life relationship horror stories.

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